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We develop the right strategy for your challenges.


We take care of planning and moderation, and you can fully concentrate on the content during our cooperation. Even in large projects, suitable solutions and an action plan with goals and resources are quickly developed. Our system has proven itself in numerous projects and ensures a common understanding among all parties involved.


We compile all results in meaningful, attractively designed documentation, which our clients also use for further decision-making processes, successful funding applications or sustainability reports. It also provides a simple, well-structured way to regularly review the implementation of measures.


Our customers are companies and organizations in the private, social, and public sector, founders and companies at the beginning of their development.


We offer social and non-profit organizations a cost-effective way to carry out their projects with professional support and moderation.

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Industry-Independent Experience.


We work independently of industry, request, or organization: In our projects, we combine our methodological expertise with the expertise of our clients. This way, we can ask the right questions in an unbiased manner and achieve optimal solutions, often even off the beaten track.


So far, we have accompanied projects in the following fields:


Career Reorientation    Climate Protection    Data Privacy Concepts    Digitalization    District Development    Education    Founders    Global Equality    Integration    IT    Medical Technology    Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs    Public Service    Publishing    Real Estate Industry    Social Affairs    Start-Ups    Sustainability.


We are also happy to support you with a lecture on strategy development.

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Sustainably Successful.


With our work, we support the implementation of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our own focus is on the emphasized objectives to which we actively contribute.


Privately, we are committed to improving climate and environmental protection with our Diversity Initiative (German).


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